Abby: 6 months
The Little Princess
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Abigail, Garth & Ayn's first born, first attended Oxford Falls Grammar School, where she reached the lofty heights of Infants Prefect which she enjoyed immensely (ie. revelling in being bossy).

Abby n Palm Beach wharfSince moving to Green Point Christian College in the Central Coast, Abby continues to excel in her work, attaining Distinctions in the University of NSW tests, with 90%+ scores in her Basic Reading and Maths compulsory State competency tests.

5 years Oxford Falls Grammar uniformAbby is a competent swimmer who enjoys both pool and beach, an avid artist (click here to see her frog painting), and enjoys computer gaming and basketball. Also an excellent story writer, Abby is devouring all The Saddle Club, Silver Brumby, and Enid Blyton series of books.




She is her mother's right hand, her daddy's not-so-little "Abbygirl", and their "Little Princess".

While she wishes she had a younger sister, she loves her role as big sister to all.

Wollombi - 9yrs

Wollombi - 9yrs

She now has taken up horse-riding and shares her time between that and the considerable amount of homework (15+ hrs a week) that she has to keep up for her new school, Gosford High School, a selective school with an enviable academic and sporting reputation, where she continues to excel at her studies.

 Pickett's Valley - 12yrs

Her favourite pasttimes are Liberty Family Church XGeneration Youth on Friday nights, and attending riding camps with her friends.

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