Delano Darling
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Ayn hails from Delano, Minnesota, where she was born and raised until her 22nd year when she travelled to this great country on a working holiday as a popular landscape photographer.

Unfortunately for her, Garth ended her career by marrying her and the children have been used as a weight to tie her to Australia. She says she always wanted to live here but Garth and the kids aren't taking any chances.

Some words from her children...
Mummy is a loving, caring lady. She cleans, cooks, and does a great job. Abby (makes you want to puke doesn't it?)

Can I write something about myself? Oh, Mum's nice. Dylan

Mummy doesn't always do what I want, but I prefer her over Daddy anyhow, except when I want to play. Benjamin

Aaaaaagggghh! Aaaaaagggh! Cody, in his best rendition of a dinosaur. About every hour he says "I wub you Mummy".

With Kim at our 15th wedding anniversary

After a few years in Creative Memories where she rose to become the manager for the Central Coast region catering for 60 other ladies, she gave that away to focus on her own business.

Ayn spends her time travelling to mission destinations and looking after the many and varied activities of her very active children, and cooking Garth's favourite lunch: bacon & eggs. She spends as much time as she can developing her business activities and somewhere in the day gets some sleep.

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