The Spitting (Burping) Image
Picture Picture

Benjamin Thomas Penglase... What a beautiful boy he was. A winning smile, cute and charismatic (he's 8 months in the photo on the right).

But then he turned 2!

At 1pm on his 2nd birthday he started demanding his own way and didn't stop - except when he turned on his thousand watt charm, but that would last for a day and then he'd revert to being as obnoxious as only a 2 year old can be. We kept on telling him that his elder siblings weren't like this but he seemed happy to blaze his own trail.

We waited for his 3rd birthday with diminishing patience.

That came and went without significant change but by his 4th birthday we saw the cheerful, happy-go-lucky Ben that we had come to appreciate shining through again.

Once again he is the generous, loving little (no, sorry BIG) boy that we all adore. However, he is receiving as good as he gave from his not so little brother

Ben trying out
a new hair-do.

That mischievous smile of a 4 year old...

He still burps a lot though he gives the spitting a miss!

Ben now enjoys soccer, as you can see from him celebrating receiving the "Man of the match" award after getting a couple of goals his first game. He actually is much better at tennis where he was chosen at age 5 to practice with 7 years old in the Wilson Pee-Wee Tennis training, part of the AIS Tennis programme.

He's enjoying his new school Gosford Christian School where everyone is his friend.



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