Cody on his birthday
The Codester
Picture Picture

Cody John Alexander Penglase, is the last (yes, definitely the last) edition to the Penglase family.

Loved by all, he is a very talkative and actually gurgles and coos (a first for our family). Like Ben, he has a constant contentedness and charisma that makes him a joy to be around, even at the young age of 3 months (below). Or so we thought...

Well, now his true colours are coming out... As a 2 year old, this boy was unstoppable! Hits the ground running and doesn't know the meaning of No! His single-minded determination is second only to his obstinancy. This boy's a handful! And we thought we were good at this parenting thing?!



Abby Ben & Cody the day after
Cody at 3 months

4yr old Cody with Mum

At 4 Cody has turned into a lovable little dinosaur, who loves to rumble with everyone. Our favourite saying is "I wub allbody" - his way of saying he loves everyone, which he shows constantly. Enjoys kindy twice a week and swimming lessons where he thinks he's a star.

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