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Dylan as a BabyDylan Robert Penglase, at the age of 3 liked to be a cowboy, and with his friend Sam, would play dress ups and make-believe for hours.

Dylan: 3 yearsHe enjoyed his first year at Oxford Falls Grammar School in Kindergarten where he was awarded a State-based award for "Aussie of the month", and was leader of his class and liked by his teachers and class for his manners and kindness.

He blitzed Year 1 at Green Point Christian College, and is a very good reader for his age, achieving excellent scores in both English and Maths.

He continues to achieve top level academic results at Green Point Christian College, where he been chosen twice (by teachers and student) for the honoured position of Student Class Representative where he sits on a student/teacher board to discuss matters of school interest.

Dylan: 2 years

Having played for three seasons with Cromer Heights Tigers, he is a star on the soccer field. He has an intense drive to win, which, when coupled with his developing ball skills and speed make him a natural striker.

Celebrating his third soccer year with fellow Cromer Tiger, Cloe.

at 8 years

He now attends a coaching clinic run by ex-Australian International, Vic Bozanic, and is preparing for the upcoming trials of 1st division teams in the local soccer clubs.

At age 10 attained a position in the premier division team with the Central Coast United Soccer Association and continues to enjoy his soccer. Homeshooling enabled him to continue his good academics results and attain Distinctions and Credits in the University of New South Wales competitions.

Dylan is in a combined Year 5 & 6 accelerated class and was been chosen for a leadership excursion where he got to attend a seminar where the NSW Premier and other notables lectured on leadership.

Currently in year 5, Dylan is now at Gosford Christian School where he is very involved in sport and now is on the school's rugby league, cricket, soccer and netball teams. He is a popular and busy boy.

Unfortunately has suffered injury twice in two years at the same time and missed both the soccer gala days, and the Zone Atletics carnival where he had hoped to make his way to the State team.




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