The Skeleton Who Walks
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Meeting Ayn and proposing to her 10 days later changed Garth's life for the better in so many ways.

I am sure you can see why! One day the story of how they met will be published, as the children clamour for it to happen, but in the meantime suffice to say that it was a miracle that these two souls are together.


He has now reached venerable middle age. This in itself is a major miracle since everyone continually warned him that his lifespan would be limited, most likely cut short by someone who had reached their tolerance level.

<< Tim and Garth proudly displaying sons...

Garth's life, like most fathers, is spent working or attending his kid's sporting events.


Garth has had the pleasure to meet and befriend some awesome people, a fact that he still finds difficult to understand, but they enrich his life in many ways.

He loves playing his Washburn, and does so very regularly; and he even get's in an Over 35s soccer game on Saturdays.

Garth used to enjoy the waves, riding dirt bikes with Tim (pictured) and riding horses, and snow skiing/boarding but doesn't get to do any of that anymore. He still has his eyesight so watching European soccer is still possible though!


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