These are a list of links for things related to us: Association of Faith Churches and Ministers Ayn's web site is a portal for anything she's involved in.
Barker College  school Garth attended
Broadband Media  Internet Consultancy company owned by Garth and Ayn "The Celtic People - a Nation Without Bounds". Worldwide Celtic Commuinity site fostering unity amongst the celtic people, and educating and enriching the lives of the 150 million people who call themselves Celtic.
Creative Memories  American scrapbooking company of which Ayn was a Level 1 Unit Manager and top Manager for the Central Coat region.
Cornish Language  devoted to the Cornish Language, examples and new findings by Charles
Christian City Church (CCC)  the church we attended for the first 12 years which has over 3000 members, located in Oxford Falls, which is a major force in Sydney, and has over 63 locatoins around the world.
Gosford Christian School where Dylan and Ben attend classes
Gosford High School a selective school Abby attends
Green Point Christian College  school the children attended for a few years on the Central Coast
Liberty Family Church of which the Penglase family are members "your Australian digital music and book store". Developed with jeff WIlliamsoon, a media producer and director.
Oxford Falls Grammar School  the first school our children attended, a Christian grammar school, started by CCC site devloped in conjunction with and devoted to promoting, Paul Hannan, Australia's leading business educator.

Links that we find interesting:

The Onion Not your average online news paper
Australian Christian Lobby an association of people interested in maintaining the Judeo-Christian etthic in Australia.


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